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20 Best Online Job Sites to Make Extra Money 2019

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This list of Best Online Job Sites exists because some of you complain because the alternatives that I offer to make money online from the internet are always related to making products and online stores.

Therefore, now I collect a list of 20 more Best Online Job Sites where you are paid to do unique, simple, and serious tasks or projects.

Job Sites to Make Extra Money

I mean this online workplace where you can carry out tasks that you set yourself or that have been determined, and you will be paid according to the number of tasks you can do.

The list below is not in any sense complete, if you know more from me, don’t hesitate to let me know via the comment box below.

And some site make money online or programs may only be followed by residents of certain countries. So do your own research first before deciding to jump in and work at one of the online workplace sites below.

20 Best Online Job Sites 2019

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The following is a list of 20+ online freelance job sites:

  • Fiverr – A cool site where you can make money ($ 4) for every unique or simple job you do. The customer buys your GIG (the task or mini service that you are listing), for $ 5 and you will be paid $ 4 when you complete the task.
  • Tenbux – More or less the same as Fiverr, it’s just that you can choose your GIG price between $ 5 and $ 10.
  • Just a Five – Very similar to Fiverr. The possibility of even copying Fiverr, hahaha … But you can specify the price of services or tasks that you do between $ 5 – $ 20.
  • GigMe5 – Please guess yourself from the name, something like … hahaha …
  • Dollar 3 – Mini online job sites priced at multiples of $ 3, starting at $ 3, up to $ 90 per assignment. But I’m not sure about the price, please check it yourself.
  • FittyTown – More or less the same as other GIG sites that require you to list the work or service you want to work on, except that here the scale may be several times larger because all the GIGs offered each cost $ 50.
  • UpWork – A great place where internet marketers and local business owners outsource. It is an excellent way for freelancers to make thousands of dollars in a few days or weeks if you know how and have their qualifications. One of the most popular online work sites.
  • Odesk – More or less the same as Elance above.
  • Microworkers – Make money by doing mini tasks or services. Usually only paid a few cents or a few dollars. But the task you need to do is very easy (for example: LIKE someone’s Facebook page).
  • Mechanical Turk – Online workplace with mini tasks and services owned by Amazon. More or less the same as Microworkers, but maybe the systems are a little more sophisticated.
  • – More or less the same as Fiverr. The price of each GIG or service is very diverse. Between several tens to hundreds of dollars.
  • – A site that is once again the same as Fiverr, an alternative from
  • Serba50Ribu – Mini service site with concepts like Fiverr.
  • Demand Studios – A Best Online Job Site for freelance writers, but you have to be approved before it can be accepted and he said this site is very choosy in choosing the author. But when you are accepted, you can get up to $ 15 for each article, which means quite a lot if you can type fast and your English is good.
  • Constant Content – Another site for freelance writers.
  • Yahoo Voice – the Best job posting sites for employers you are paid in advance for articles and you can also choose to get paid per view (you get paid depending on how many articles you read.)
  • Break Studios – Other freelance writers’ sites are more or less the same as Demand Studios but pay less (up to $ 8), but the article requirements are shorter.
  • iWriter – Another freelance writer site with a rather unique concept. On other online work sites, you must be approved before you can work, but here you can start working based on existing criteria and offer the results of your work (writing) to potential buyers.
  • Minute Workers – A freelance site where you can do super mini tasks and get a few cents for a few dollars.
  • Cloud Crowd – An online workplace where you can do tedious tasks such as data entry and get paid in the range of $ 3 to a few dollars.
  • Gobann – this is microsite where you get paid, $ 5-10 per transaction. Payments supported by this site are PayPal, KasPay, and several other payment alternatives. 100% exactly Fiverr, but what I want to see will be like that later.

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Now that’s the 20 Best Online Job Sites that you can follow to get extra money outside or without disturbing your main work.

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