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Examples of Fashion Copywriting To Increase Sales by 340%

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Examples of fashion copywriting – In the world of fashion, consumers have many choices for choosing a style of dress. Even consumers can choose and buy it in the offline market even in online stores.

For those of you who want to have an online business in the field of fashion, you have to make sure you can present extraordinary offers about clothes sold. And you have to learn about how competitors bid for their customers.

Examples of fashion that you can sell:

  • Women’s or men’s clothing
  • Accessories such as hats, ties and more
  • Shoes

Many try to open a fashion shop online by buying various types of clothing, creating websites, then trying to do various ways to get people to their sites.

But on the site, they only display products and are only provided with careless descriptions. Of course, this will interfere with the convenience of visitors to your site.

Coupled with the emergence of other online stores so that customers will be spoiled with various choices of online stores.

Therefore you must create a strategy to attract visitors to convert them into buyers. Then you can search for examples of fashion copywriting references.

If you cannot describe your product briefly and interestingly, the customer has many other online store choices.

This error that I often see in online stores that exist today. so they only enliven the competition but never get sales.

Here I will try to give you some examples of fashion copywriting to boost your clothing brand to be superior to competitors.

Examples of fashion copywriting sentences for selling clothes

fashion content writing samples

In online sales, the best words are needed to attract consumers. This is expected to increase sales turnover.

Some tips and examples in making the best copywriting sentences to attract buyers. You can also use this example to promote your product.

Using numbers so that they can influence buyers


  • Buy 2 free clothes for 1 shirt
  • Buy more than 100 thousand free shoes

Gives a sense of urgency so that consumers can respond quickly


  • 70% discount next week.
  • Free voucher 10 $ for the first 10 buyers.
  • Warehouse washing until the end of the year.

Use the name of a famous person.


  • Thank you for using this product
  • This shirt was chosen by Bieber because of its quality.

Write prices in copywriting


  • Only 100 thousand of you get these clothes
  • Look beautiful with 168 thousand

some examples of the word promotion can lure potential buyers. then you also have to pay attention to the product description in order to provide an interesting explanation.

Error making product descriptions On Examples of fashion copywriting

sample content for fashion

Some reasons why online fashion store owners don’t pay attention to their product descriptions

  • Supply of their goods is too large so they don’t understand their own products.
  • Do not have a large budget for marketing by writing product descriptions
  • Using standard descriptions provided by distributors
  • They use the services of a copywriter who is not experienced in the field of fashion
  • Product descriptions are written only for the needs of search engines, not for customers

One of the good things to increase sales is by increasing the ability to use social media as a marketing channel. Thus you do not need to make spam on the description for the benefit of search engines.

You can focus on describing products carefully for customers to describe the value and quality of the product.

Now let’s start to learn about how to write descriptions of products that sell.

1. Giving an emotional touch to the description of your product

Emotional touches on product descriptions are often ignored by novice online sellers. So there is no emotional bond that makes the reader involved. Even though customers want an emotional connection to happen so they can connect with your product.

As an example,

When you have a shop in the shopping center. Then you offer products to consumers who enter your store.

If you directly communicate with consumers, you will have the opportunity to convert to sales. Of course, you will pay more attention and the possibility of errors is smaller than you just keep quiet and indifferent.

Therefore, you don’t just be lazy and don’t care about your customers. of course you want your customers to come out of your store with a shopping bag full of your products.

So you have to pick up your customers who are in your store and show your care for them.

Based on the example above you can also apply it to your online store. Start building your e-commerce by giving visitors an emotional touch.

You can start training to feel your customer presence and feel about their needs and establish relationships with them. Of course, this will make your customers well served.

This is actually a plus point for you because usually if consumers are satisfied with your service then they will give good testimonials and give your product recommendations to their partners.

Tips for making product descriptions that are easy to understand.

  • Write short, interesting and easy to understand product descriptions • Use bullet for specifications.
  • Give a lot of space to the writing.
  • Using easy-to-read fonts.
  • Show description of 2 small lines under the product name.

2. Writing as if talking directly to consumers With Examples of fashion copywriting

copywriting skills examples

“Talk to your customers about the anxiety of their hearts” – Jonathan Lister “

Basically, not everyone has the desire to buy your product. Various reasons they do not have these desires like our products are too expensive, models that are not suitable, etc. This will make you unable to sell anything to them.

But you can’t force them to buy, here is the role of fashion copywriting. You must speak directly to your main customers using their methods, language, and perspective.

To do that you must know some information about your main consumer:

  • Who is your audience
  • Understand how they talk
  • Use this information as your copywriting material


If your customers are teenage girls then you must use their language style which tends to be fun and vibrant.

You must use trendy terms or everyday language that they often use. Although sometimes this seems insincere and too coercive. Also, avoid using grammar that is difficult to understand by your target market.

Another example,

You have a fashion product for men who are professional. Then you must use more professional language and tone so that it will be easily understood by your target.

By knowing who your consumers are then you can write the right description so that your visitors can understand. This will build an emotional connection between brand, product, and customer.

3. Make readers’ imagination about your product

The difficulty of selling online is that consumers cannot hold your product directly. Therefore the description must be able to give the image to the customer that they hold the product.

To make writing that provokes the reader’s imagination, copywriting techniques are needed that you must continue to practice.

If you are selling clothes, then your customers can feel the look of clothing and they will feel what if they wear it.

If you can use adjectives correctly then you can influence consumers’ desire to buy products. This adjective is the secret of the copywriter in making copywriting.

As an example,

When you sell bridal clothes, you can use the words romantic, nostalgia, longing, luxury, etc. These words will be what the bride wants to hear so that it will attract consumers to buy.

4. Using the product title simply (to the point)

Use titles with simple words. Simple basic words are understood by your target customers.

Do not use jargon on product names or words that are difficult for customers to understand. But you can use the fashion term in your product description.

In addition, you can use titles by asking questions that make them think. If your product has excellent features then you can make this the main point when you ask the question.

This will make consumers ask and get answers to your description. of course this will provide insight to your customers.

5. Attract consumers with benefits rather than explaining specifications.

many online sellers only focus on product specifications. this is not a mistake because product specifications are also important.

But all you have to know is that consumers are not interested in explanations and specifications. They actually want to know about the benefits and benefits of these products.

Things that consumers pay attention to:

  • How do they feel using the product?
  • How do these products make them visible to others?
  • Benefits and benefits of these products for them?

When you want to explain the product specifications, you should explain it simply. Avoid explanations that sound too technical. Because sometimes some places require to explain product specifications such as:

  • Types of products
  • Type of fabric
  • Size
  • Care instructions

But you must explain the specifications of this product must use language that is easy to understand.

Technical specifications are an important part of your product description. This will help customers make decisions to buy.

Conclusion about Examples of fashion copywriting

After we discuss how to increase the sale of clothes online, of course, you can draw conclusions.

Management of your online fashion store is not just creating a web and beautifying its appearance. But you must be able to apply Examples of fashion copywriting.

The main reason someone buys a product is to get benefits and solve their problems. It is important that you present your product as a solution.

The description must be able to provide product information that can make their consideration of buying.

Therefore, when you want to open a fashion store online, you must understand the strategy to win the competition.


Because of the importance of making the best copywriting writing, you must learn copywriting to support your online store.

Such was the discussion about Examples of Fashion Copywriting to Increase Sales by 340%.

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